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Mission Camp Staff Opening at Laurel Ridge

You could spend the summer at camp! Laurel Ridge Camp, Conference, and Retreat Center in North Carolina is in need of a mission camp staff person. If you are at least one year out of high school and are interested in spending your summer in a beautiful location with fellow Moravians, reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Job Summary: The Mission Camp staff will work directly with the Assistant Director, in conjunction with the Program Director and Deans to provide support and leadership for the Mission Camp Weeks at Laurel Ridge. 

Essential Functions: To work with the Assistant Director to provide overall support to the Deans and Campers at Laurel Ridge during the Mission Camp weeks. This would include: 

Mission Camp Weeks 

  • During each week of Mission Camp, Staffers will be housed at Tise lodge or Higgins Lodge as Mission Camp staff. 
  • Staff is to assist the Mission Camp Deans with programming as requested (both at Higgins and at project sites.) 
  • Staff is to assist the Construction Manager(s) with on-site supervision of projects.
  • Staff is to assist/lead the programming and devotions at each job site. 
  • Staff is the liaison between the church groups, project residents and the construction managers. 


Non-Mission Camp Weeks 

  • Assist the Facilities Manager on projects around camp as needed. 
  • Work with the Program Manager on programming for future weeks of Mission Camp.
  • Work with Homeowners to finish projects started, but unable to be completed by Mission Camp teams.
  • Other duties and support around Laurel Ridge as needed. 


Required Education/Experience: Must be at least 1 year out of high school 

Preferred Education/Experience: Experience and knowledge about construction, ability to play an instrument during program time

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