Nepal Pray

June 6, 2024: Day of Prayer for Moravians in Nepal

The first Thursday in June is the Board of World Mission’s day of prayer for Moravians in Nepal, which is part of the Moravian Church in South Asia and designated a Mission Province at the 2023 Unity Synod.

The prayer requests from our siblings in Nepal are below. Please pray for:

  • South Asia Mission Province (Provincial Board, four districts, churches, schools and organizations) both in Nepal and India. 
  • Stability of the country. Many are unemployed and always migrating to other countries for job opportunities. The government is losing young people due to lack of opportunities.
  • The Church Boards of the three congregations in Nepal that they will remain strong and resilient in their faith as they lead. 
  • Church space for the Baneshwor and Chyasikot congregations, as they gather in rented space.
  • Three cancer patients: Phulmaya Younzon, Rudraman Maharjan, Sarita Majarjan.
  • Outreaches: Day Care for children, Work among elderly people.
  • Mission and outreach team: as they reach out to people who needs to hear the Good News of Christ.
  • Various groups: Women and Men’s group, Youth group, Sunday School teachers and children, Church Worship Team.
  • Weekly House Fellowship group leaders who lead believers in their faith journey and for their growth. 
  • Pray for single believers in the family who struggle each day living under the same roof with different faith practices. Please pray that they are not ostracized. 
  • The expansion work of the church ministry in the community. 
  • New believers to be strong in their faith despite many challenges.
  • For those who are pursuing theological education at various local theological schools in Kathmandu.


  • Education Ministry of the Moravians in Nepal: Kindergarten and Grade School.
  • School Board, Teachers, Parents, Students, Landlords, and neighbors around the school area. 
  • Good teachers: Computer, Math, Science, Music, English.
  • More enrollments in Grade School and Kindergarten.
  • Safety and protection of the children and staff as they commute each day.
  • Healthy working environment in the school and church.
  • Good communication and collaboration between the School and Kathmandu Metropolitan Education Department.
  • Wisdom and discernment to deal with parents, staff, children of various ethnic, social and faith backgrounds.
  • Volunteers to come and serve at the school as teachers, administrators, trainers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and other skill sets as God leads. As well as those who feel a call to come on a short-term mission experience. 
  • Enlarge our school leadership teams to carry the responsibilities of the growing school.
  • Financial stability this year as the school has moved to a bigger location last September (2023) and there is much work to be done. 
  • The ongoing multipurpose covered space construction project. It will be used for football matches, Assembly, Science Fair, Vegetable market, Taekwondo matches and various other school  and church events. ($50,000)