Often when we think of Mission we think about the “going out”… but before that can happen we have to think about how we are “called in”. To the BWM, Mission Engagement is about helping individuals and congregations discern how they are called to mission service.

The core aspects of Mission Engagement are:

EDUCATION: Providing resources and updates on the current work and approach of the BWM. This includes staff being available for congregational mission discernment workshops, or as guest speakers.

SERVICE: Sharing information on opportunities to join mission teams and other efforts, and provide training for those planning to serve.

MISSION SUPPORT: Providing opportunities for constituents to actively participate in supporting the work of the BWM through generous monetary and program supply donations, as well as responding to partner requests for prayerful support.

Foundational to Moravian belief is the fact that in Jesus, God engaged in the world.  The word “Emmanuel” means “God with us”, in other words God engaged fully in our world, in our lives, and in our hearts.  Foundational to the Board of World mission is the fact that we believe that God calls us to be fully engaged with our world today.  Yes, we need to gather for worship, learning, and mutual support in our local congregations, but this in only meant to strengthen and equip us to go out into the world to share God’s love and grace.  In other words, God calls us to be fully engaged with the world as it is today.

The Board of World Mission wishes to journey together with congregations and members of the Moravian Church in North America as we work to answer God’s call to take part in missions. In order to best engage congregations as we respond together to the call to mission the BWM works to using these five “INS”:


The BWM works with individuals, congregations and partner provinces to discern passions and gifts and identify local and global calls to mission.


The BWM informs and educates individuals on the present and historical context of Moravian Missions.


The BWM invites individuals and congregations to journey in mission together, equipping them to take part in a wide range of opportunities.


The BWM invests in people locally and globally to engage in mission, develop leaders and grow relationships to build capacity to share the Gospel Message.


The Board of World Mission staff can come to your local congregation and lead worship services, training sessions, or retreat programs using all of the “INS” to inspire your congregation to follow God’s leading in future mission work down the street and around the world.

The work that we do around the world meets important needs of people in building sustainable ministry structures and buildings, but also meets critical needs immediately following natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, or fires.  As we help to organize mission teams to go out and serve, we strive to help them PREPARE carefully, ENGAGE effectively, REFLECT prayerfully, and CELEBRATE joyfully.

In everything that WE do WE inquire, inform, invite, invest, and inspire to engage congregations and their members to engage in God’s amazing world!  Whether it’s with global or local partners, with Antioch or new work, this is how WE do our work.  This is how the “INS” reflect our favored practices of mutuality, accountability and self-reliance and having all of it centered in Christ.  And it is the way that WE move toward our goals of promoting leadership development, economic strengthening and mission outreach.