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Emerging Ministries of the Northern Province

An “Emerging Ministry” is a Moravian-led endeavor recognized by the Provincial Elders’ Conference, but not directly affiliated with any one particular Moravian congregation.  These Emerging Ministries stand as new endeavors ranging from a church plant to various need-focused ministries.

Common Ground, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Our Mission

Common Ground is a volunteer driven café that cultivates community by providing a collaborative, creative, engaging space for neighbours that offers quality, sustainable coffee selections.

Our Philosophy

We are a collaboration of people who believe a healthy community requires a common space where neighbours can find respite, build relationships, and invest in their pasttimes and passions. We commit to engaging in activities that encourage hospitality, creativity and community.

On Being Volunteer-Powered

We used as much volunteer labour as we could in the creation of Common Ground…basically everything that didn’t need a professional contractor was done by a volunteer. Our barista staff is volunteer and currently numbers around 45. In order to facilitate this we have a simplified menu focused on getting a few things really right.

The Coffee

We believe we’re part of a global community, so we serve coffee that is ethically sourced.

Common Ground was established by the Revs. Eileen and Ian Edwards. In 2018 Common Ground will transition away from having a full time Moravian clergy executive director. Area Moravian Churches and pastors will continue to have a direct role in the ministry as it is led by its local board of directors.

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Esperanza for Bethlehem, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

The goal of Iglesia Esperanza for Bethlehem is to bring hope to people who are dealing with overwhelming deficits including economic, medical, separation from homeland and families, transportation needs, under employment, educational and in some cases legal issues.

Iglesia Esperanza for Bethlehem is a worshiping congregation with a very active weekday ministry focused on the Latino community, especially children.
During the school year, Esperanza provides a safe space for children and teens after school. Homework help, tutoring, play time, music and computer classes are offered. Esperanza also provides after-school snacks and a meal Monday through Thursday.

Dual-language worship is held every Sunday night with an average attendance of 40 during the summer and 60 during the fall/winter season. Bible study, English and exercise classes are also held weekly for adults.

Pastors Tracy and Rhonda Robinson lead Esperanza for Bethlehem. Partner congregations and volunteers are instrumental to this ministry. Area churches offer volunteer and financial support, while congregation and community members assist with the daily needs of Esperanza.

Because of the devastation in Puerto Rico and the influx of newcomers to the mainland, the school district and even the Salvation Army have been referring people to Esperanza for assistance. We now provide clothing, food, basic toiletries and some monetary aid in the form of gift cards. Most of our Moravian Churches in the Lehigh Valley also join us in providing the needed assistance to the families devastated by the hurricane.

Our mission is complex. With over a dozen different Latino nationalities already identified, we strive to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone who comes to our events.

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Tricklebee Cafe, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Our Mission

Tricklebee Café, led by the Rev. Christie Melby-Gibbons, is a pay-what-you-can community café that offers healthy meals, food-service training, and spiritual nourishment. Tricklebee is a mission of the Moravian Church in America and a member of One World Everybody Eats.

What We Offer

We offer a space to foster community and a love for real food with simple ingredients. By offering an inclusive and welcoming space, we bring positivity to our neighborhood. We strive to show Christ-like hospitality to all people. (And our food is delicious!)

Our Vision

By providing fresh, healthy, locally-grown food to anyone regardless of ability to pay, we address food insecurity by feeding the immediate need of hunger, while providing resources to educate and inspire people to make a habit of healthy eating. Access to healthy food helps people to better care for themselves and their neighbors, which heals and strengthens community.

Why We Do It

We seek to be a peaceful gathering place in a neighborhood that has experienced much neglect and violence. We are a safe place for neighbors to gather to create reconciliation and peace. We work to eliminate prejudice and discrimination against the economically and socially marginalized by creating a space where individuals from all backgrounds may gather around the concept of a community table—much like the early church.

A phrase that inspires our daily work at Tricklebee Cafe:
“I do not want them to go away hungry.”
Jesus of Nazareth

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