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Eastern District Synod Mission Project: One Tree Planted

2024 Synod Mission Project: One Tree Planted
Trees are essential in creating clean air and water, a healthy climate, and providing habitats for wildlife. A desire of the 2024 Synod planning team of the Moravian Church Eastern District is to make a positive impact in our community and world by planting trees. Synods use a tremendous amount of paper, and we hope to reduce our footprint through this effort. For every dollar donated a tree will be planted. The Eastern District Synod will match up to the first 250 trees. We encourage our congregations to support this effort to plant more trees. Please join our team and create a positive impact on our environment.

July 9th Update: 1761 trees
We have received $1,761 in donations. This is enough to plant the equivalent of more than one tree for each day of the next intersynodal period!! Thank you for your support of this mission project!