Eastern District Eastern District Synod 2024

T. C. Moore’s 2024 Eastern District Synod Addresses

The Rev. T. C. Moore, pastor of Roots Moravian Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, led the program at the 2024 Synod of the Eastern District of the Moravian Church Northern Province.  Over the course of three days, T.C. shared  presentations “Two Villages,” “Forged Family” and “Shalom in the City.”

“The 2024 Eastern District Synod was truly blessed with the presence of TC Moore as our keynote speaker,” said Gina Green, youth delegate from Fry’s Valley Moravian Church In New Philadelphia, Ohio. “With a fresh and insightful perspective on Moravians, his newfound connection to our faith inspired us to rediscover our foundational values and focus on what truly matters as a church community. He distinguished the difference between a museum church and a missional church, emphasizing three key aspects of our faith: cultivating a culture of prayer, proximity to suffering people in and outside our communities, and embracing our spiritual gifts. TC Moore’s presence at the 2024 Eastern District Synod has left a permanent mark, guiding us towards a future where our faith is not only preserved but actively shared and lived out in service to others.”

We thank T.C. for his insightful work and for encouraging us to share these presentations.