Provincial Organization Core Team

Our MCSP 2018 Synod passed two resolutions that address provincial organization:

Resolution 17 Provincial Organization Core Team, which calls for a new framework for congregational and ministry organization (Parish Communities, Chapel Communities, and Mission Communities).

Resolution 18:  Renewing and Reimagining Faith Communities, which calls for several actions, including the establishment of a Core Team that will

  • Clarify the primary functions of the provincial system
  • Educate themselves and Southern Province Moravians about other organizational models
  • Provide practical recommendations which will enable MCSP to remove institutional barriers and grow a system of distributed authority…
  • Seek input, opinions and advice
  • Provide ongoing reports


The full texts of both resolutions are available here.

The PEC  has set up the nucleus of a Core Team that will address both resolutions, including Chris Thore (pastor of Clemmons Moravian), Zach Dease (pastor of Macedonia Moravian), and Betsy Bombick (layperson, Home Moravian)

This initial team wishes to expand membership, following the guidelines in Resolution 17 by providing “opportunity for anyone interested in serving to be able to provide their names for consideration, and whose members share a deep commitment to our mission heritage while helping guide MCSP as it meets the emerging future with courage.”

Are you interested in serving on the Provincial Organization Core Team?  Or would you like to recommend someone else for consideration?

If so, please provide your contact information (email, phone) to any of the following people no later than January 15, 2019:

Betsy Bombick         [email protected]

Zach Dease              [email protected]

Chris Thore              [email protected]

Beverly Johnson       [email protected]

Someone from the Core Team (Chris, Zach or Betsy) will contact you sometime in January to discuss your interest.