Letter from the Provincial Elders’ Conference

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March 24, 2020

 Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The social distancing requirements that medical experts and civil authorities see as necessary to limit the spread and impact of COVID-19 are completely counter to how we Moravians and most other faith communities function.  They disrupt the usual familiar ways we have of “being church.”  Yet we are told they are essential to our – literally in a global sense – getting through the days and more likely weeks ahead.

Some have pointed out how we are being asked this Lent to fast from our usual “high touch” life together as a spiritual discipline.  We offer our abstinence from gathering as a channel of God’s grace and healing in a very real way.  And, not just for us, but for our neighbors, everyone created in God’s image.

We have to talk about and take seriously what we are being asked not to do.  As we search for and experiment with alternative ways of being church, our focus should certainly be on what we can do, rather than what we cannot.  And, on others in need and not only ourselves.

This is an opportunity to draw on our Moravian heritage of missional resilience and the capacity to figure out how to keep moving forward.

The members of the PEC are praying for church leaders and our congregations, fellowships and emerging ministries.  We also join in prayer for our families, neighbors, medical care-givers, and our communities – both near and far.

The Provincial Elders’ Conference

The Rev. David Guthrie, President

The Rev. Dr. Nola Knouse, Vice President

Mrs. Peggy Carter

The Rev. Jeff Coppage

Mr. Tommy Cole

Mr. Keith Kapp

The Rev. Judy Knopf

The Rev. Dr. David Marcus, Assistant to the President