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Provincial Offices Work From Home Policy Implemented


Dear Friends,

In response to  ongoing developments related to COVID-19, the Provincial Offices  in Cedarhyrst (PEC, Finance Office, Provincial Support Services Board, HR Director) have implemented a “work from home” plan through April.

1.    While some staff may be in the building, the offices at Cedarhyrst will be closed through April. [See #7, and the NOTE, below]

2.    We will be working from home and remain committed to responding to your needs.  We may have limited immediate access to some of our data and resources and ask for your patience and understanding.

3.    The best way to reach us is via email, which we will monitor regularly.  We will be checking office voicemail remotely, but will not be in the office to answer calls directly.

4.    The Provincial Elders’ Conference will be staying in close contact (but not physically close!) with one another and meeting as needed via video or telephone conferencing.

5.    Through April, the PEC will not be conducting face-to-face meetings related to our ministry, including any previously scheduled meetings with church boards or other groups.  We will work to arrange video or telephone conferencing as needed.

The Finance Office, Provincial Support Services Board, and HR Director are, likewise, not conducting face-to-face meetings.

6.    If you have scheduled meetings with the PEC in April and would like to reschedule, please be in contact to do so.

7.    The PEC will continue to monitor developments and will adjust this plan as needed, including shortening or continuing it as conditions and guidance from government officials indicate.

Note:  Click here for updated information about the work schedule and office hours for the Board of Cooperative Ministries.

We appreciate your prayers, patience and understanding.