PEC Statement Regarding Insurrection of USA Capitol | January 7, 2021

January 7, 2021
From the Provincial Elders’ Conference


Yesterday, as most Christians around the world observed Epiphany – the manifestation of Christ to the world – we were confronted and shocked by the darkness of violence which erupted at our
nation’s Capital, one of the centers of our democracy.

As Christians and as Moravians we must bear witness: Christ is the light of the world – even our world that is currently challenged by pandemics, protests, polarization, and political violence.

The Ground of the Unity declares:

Jesus Christ maintains in love and faithfulness His commitment to this fallen world. Therefore we must remain concerned for this world. We may not withdraw from it through indifference, pride or fear. Together with the universal Christian Church, the Unitas Fratrum challenges humanity with the message of the love of God, striving to promote the peace of the world and seeking to attain what is best for all.

Our Moravian Covenant for Christian Living, in its section, The Witness of a Christian Citizen, instructs us: “For the sake of the peace, which we have with God, we earnestly desire to live
peaceably with all people and to seek the peace of the places where we dwell.”

In a verse of the familiar hymn, Christian Hearts in Love United, we sing that we are “members on our head depending, lights reflecting him, our Sun.”

In these days, in our words and actions, and especially in our prayers, we are called to live and walk in the light of Christ and to bear that light to a broken world.

From Intercessions in a Time of Crisis (Moravian Book of Worship):

When tempers flare and a partisan spirit provokes new hostility, raise up people who have patience and restraint.
Where indifference allows crises to deepen and suffering to go without relief, awaken deliverers who have zeal and strength.
We pray for those who are engaged in making important decisions in this time, for those who report on these events, and for those who shape public opinion.
Give them the courage to speak out and the restraint to listen, that together we may discern the truth and hold aloft its light.
Direct all governments in the way of peace and justice, that your will may be known and done among the nations. Deliver us from the sins which lead to war
and conflict, and strengthen within us the will to establish righteousness and justice on the earth.


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