Synod Delegate Resources

Visit this page for information and resources for 2022 Synod Delegates.

Reports for Synod

2022 Pension Report

2022 Provincial Elders’ Conference (PEC) Report

2022 Sunnyside Ministry Report

2022 Unity Women’s Desk Report

2022 Salemtowne Report

2022 Salem College and Academy Report

2022 Provincial Women’s Board (PWB) Report

2022 Provincial Support Services Board (PSSB) Report

2022 Provincial Organization Core Team (POCT) Report

2022 Moravian Music Foundation Report

2022 Moravian Ministries Foundation Report

2022 Mission Society Report

2022 Lutheran-Moravian Coordinating Committee Report

2022 Laurel Ridge Report

2022 Faith and Order Report

2022 Commission on Congregational Development (CCD) Report

2022 Board of World Mission Report

2022 Bishop’s Report

2022 Archives Report

2022 60th Anniversary – Laurel Ridge Report

2022 Moravian Team for Racial, Cultural and Ethnic Reconciliation Report

2022 Interprovincial Board of Communication Report


Nominations Booklet

Synod delegates have the important responsibility of electing the most gifted people possible to lead our province over the next four years. For the last ten months, the Nominations committee has been working to create a strong ballot for the 34 positions, and we are truly grateful for the many individuals who have agreed to serve in these leadership roles if elected. The Nominations Booklet is the culmination of our committee’s work. It includes a picture and information from each candidate, along with a description of each board’s work and expectations. The actual ballot is on pages 9 and 10. Please take time over the next two months to learn as much as possible from the contents of this booklet, which will hopefully be of help as you decide for whom you will vote.


Committee members: Donna Hurt and Jeff Jones (Co-Chairs), Mary Anna Arnold, David Merritt, Bob Peterson, Kay Vance, and Gitte Strauss (clerical).


To download the Nominations Booklet in PDF format click here: 2022 Nominations Booklet

Delegate Handbook

The handbook is a valuable resource and includes an overview of how decisions are made during synod as well as a summary of Moravian church governance, and a copy of the delegate covenant.  To download the delegate handbook in PDF format click here: 2022 Synod Delegate Handbook

Delegate FAQs

A summary of answers to frequently asked questions about travel, lodging, map & directions, and the date & time for synod registration. Download the FAQs here (PDF)

Video Resources

Visit the 2022 Synod Video Library for information on a variety of Synod-focused topics.

Upcoming Online Gatherings

In addition to the materials listed above, a series of casual online gatherings will also take place in the coming weeks to help you learn, ask questions, and meet other delegates.  Highlights from these conversations will be recorded for later viewing.  Instructions for access will be emailed to all delegates in advance of the meetings.  These include:

  • How to Write Proposals & Reports: Sunday, March 13 from 4:00pm-5:00pm, led by Rebecca Craver and Riddick Weber, to offer support before the deadline to submit proposals on March 31.
  • Provincial Office Hours: Monday, March 14 from 4:30-6:00pm, led by Beverly Johnson and Dave Marcus, to address delegate questions regarding synod travel & lodging.
  • Introduction to Zoom Meetings: Monday, March 21 from 6:00-7:00pm, led by Mike Riess to help delegates learn the basics of online meetings via Zoom.
  • Prayer Service: Monday March 28 from 7:00-8:00pm, led by Bishop Graham Rights, to provide an open space for delegates to gather and pray together.
  • Best Practices for Delegates: Thursday March 31 from 7:00-8:00pm, led by Bishop Carol Foltz and John D. Rights, to offer encouragement and practical advice on how to prepare for synod.

Recordings of these sessions are available here.