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Moravian Team for Racial, Cultural, and Ethnic Reconciliation

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The Moravian Team for Racial, Cultural, and Ethnic Reconciliation

In 1998, both the Southern and Northern Synods of the Moravian Church in North American affirmed a Statement on Racism and the Church.  Both Provincial Synods approved a resolution in 2006 expressing regret and apologies “to the African American community for the past participation of the Moravian Church in the institution of slavery”, and the Southern Provincial Synod endorsed a “mandate to the Provincial Elders Conference to expand their efforts in respect to racial reconciliation, the elimination of institutional racism, and the fostering of diversity in churches of the Southern Province”.  A Southern Province Moravian Racial Reconciliation Team was formed.  Renewed work of this team, now known as the Moravian Team for Racial, Cultural and Ethnic Reconciliation,  was affirmed at the 2018 Southern Provincial Synod, and the team was asked to “develop resources, materials, experiences and programs to assist congregations and the Province” regarding the Statement on Racism.   The MTR is composed of members from several congregations in the Province.  The MTR has been sponsoring “Salem Walks” since August 2021, meets at least annually with the Moravian Ministry Association and has sponsored a variety of educational opportunities.  The Team is currently developing a video series regarding racism and other resources on racism and racial justice.  Some resources are listed below, including a copy of the MTR’s report to the 2022 Synod.


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Please keep those in our province who are serving on this team in your prayers. These individuals are the following:  2022 Members:  Adreann Belle, Don Belle, Betsy Bombick, Evette Campbell, Frank Crouch, John Jackman, Judy Knopf, Rebecca Craver, Neil Routh, Tina Spach & Madi White