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Disciple Bible Studies 

The “original series” of Disciple Bible Studies from Abingdon Press has been around for decades and offers a deep exploration of the Bible and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Today, the Disciple Bible family of Bible Study resources offers a variety of formats for its lessons, the length of each session, and the duration of each study unit. 

The “Original Series” studies are designed as 4 units which each run for 34 weeks, expecting 2 and a half hour weekly group meetings and daily home study. Each of these 4 units make use of a DVD, Teacher Helps, and a Study Manual to guide each weekly meeting. These tools are the companions of the participant’s manual which guides the daily home study component.  

The Disciple Fast Track studies follow the same focus and breakdown as the original series, but are designed as 24 week units with shorter weekly group meetings (75 minutes) and daily home study reading assignments. There is also the Disciple Sunday School Edition which runs the traditional 34 weeks and offers a 50 minute weekly meeting format along with home study readings offered for the first unit of the series. 

This series has been so popular and known for its solid in-depth study of scripture that there are also a number of more topical short term Invitation to… studies available. These studies run for 8-11 weeks and are formatted for a 60-90 minute weekly group meeting. 

We have a number of these Disciple Bible options available for loan from the Lending Library and invite you to come see if one of these could be an option for a group in your congregation.