Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Curriculum for the Church

This article by Shelly Rambo, associate professor of theology at Boston University School of Theology, discusses how trauma impacts one psychologically and the theological implications.

This free training material is by Chaplain Chris Haughee. It was recorded in 2017, includes audio with slides, a 2 page article with discussion questions, and a list of resources for churches interested in learning more about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

This 8 week curriculum is also produced by Chris Haughee. This is a paid resource but includes a range of price options.

Our churches and government speak to our brokenness with each discussion of addiction, poverty, domestic violence, and mental health issue. How can we fix the brokenness in our families? Family: It’s Complicated co-authors Rene Howitt and Tim Wesemann relate the adverse experiences of families found in Genesis with today’s families, giving you solutions and hope for healthier, stronger family relationships. The authors use the highly regarded Adverse Childhood Experiences study as a blueprint for your small-group meeting or personal reflection.

Come visit the CCD Lending Library at 459 S Church St, Winston-Salem, NC and check out books on mental health and many other subjects!