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Fair Labor Standards Act and the 2024 Overtime Rule

Labor Law Change Webinar and Q&A:

If you have full time employees that are currently salaried with Exempt status that are making less that $43,888 per annum as of July 1, 2024 and/or making less than $58,656 per annum as of January 1, 2025 this webinar is for you.
We will be going over the recent US Department of Labor’s Fair Labor Standard Act Regulations 29 C.F.R. Part 541 Section 13 (a)(1) and some options for churches and preschools to consider in order to mitigate the impact of this change on your current payroll.
The webinar was held on Wednesday, June 5th at 10:30am via Zoom and will be recorded and posted on the Moravian Church Southern Province webpage by June 6th.


View the presentation.

Sample timesheet for June 2024.