Commission on Minsitry

The Commission on Ministry (COM) evolved from the work of the Commission on Ordained Ministry which was created in 2004 to specifically “to stay in touch with the concerns and issues of ordained ministers in the Southern Province.” For over 20 years this commission served under the authority of the Provincial Elders’ Conference (PEC) primarily as a vehicle for leading the candidacy and ordination review process for ordained ministry.

In 2019, the Commission on Ordained Ministry became the Commission on Ministry and added to its responsibilities managing the work of a First Call Cohort for newly ordained pastors as well as leading the process for the certification and appointment of church educators.

The process of discernment of the Provincial Synods and leadership continued to seek ways to actively reflect how our structure can best serve our mission. As a result of that on-going work, the PEC decided to call a full-time Director of COM in 2023, to offer greater support to candidates for ordained ministry, clergy, educators, and acolytes. This support includes pastoral care, mentoring, consultation, and training.

The Commission on Ministry administers the candidacy process for those preparing for ordained ministry, the certification process for Church Educators and the training/orientation of congregational and provincial acolytes. The Director of the Commission on Ministry is often directed by PEC to facilitate matters directly related to candidates, clergy, and acolytes.

While the Commission on Congregational Development (CCD) focuses on supporting congregations, the COM seeks to do the same for those serving in various ministry leadership positions throughout our province.

The Commission is composed of 7 members: Lane A. Sapp, Director (ex officio), Wayne Burkette (representing the bishops), Riddick Weber, (representing PEC), Matthew Allen, Margaret Norris, Winston Peart, Laura Sides,d Jami Vandock and Winston Peart.