2019 Summer Church Camps

2019 Summer Camp Information


Mid-States Region (MI, OH, IN, and IL)

For 2nd-6th graders: Camp Illiana from July 29 – August 2 at Bedford, IN -and- Camp Bethany from August 5 – 9 at Lakeville, OH

For 7th grade-age 21: Tar Hollow from July 21 – 27 at Tar Hollow State Park, OH


Western Region (WI, MN, and ND)

For 1st-2nd graders: 4M Camp from August 5 – 7 at Mt. Morris, WI

For 2nd-5th graders: Camp MINDYY from June 16 – 19 at Alexandria, MN

For 3rd-5th graders: Junior Camp from July 28 – August 1 at Mt. Morris, WI

For 6th-8th graders: Winmor from July 21 – 27 at Mt. Morris, WI

For 9th grade-age 21: Chetek from July 14 – 20 at Mt. Morris, WI


(Those above age 21 are encouraged to go to the websites listed above and email the directors to inquire about helping on staff!)