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Bruce’s Babblings – January ’19

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Greetings in these first days of a brand new year. I hope your Christmas and New Year’s holidays were enjoyable and blessed.

A new year is often a time to take a look at making resolutions or plans or goals for things you may want to change. Perhaps it is a bad habit you want to put behind you. Or maybe it is to be more intentional about a certain area of your life. Whatever your goals or resolutions might be, I would encourage you to pay attention to caring for yourself and to being the hands and feet of Christ to those who cross your path.

As we think of taking care of ourselves, I would encourage all pastors of the Western District, both those who are active and those who are retired, to attend the Western District Clergy retreat. It takes place at Mt. Morris from January 21-24. I realize that some of our pastors because of previous commitments or family concerns are unable to attend the retreat. For the pastors who cannot attend the retreat, please find a way to do some self-care.

Also, I would encourage lay members to encourage your pastors to attend the clergy retreat.

I look forward to being with several of our pastors at Mt. Morris later this month.

Serving Christ with you,

Bruce J. Nelson