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Bruce’s Babblings – May ’19

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

As Christians we have walked through the season of Lent, we have listened again to the events of Holy Week, and we have celebrated the resurrection.

It is often said that we as Christians or Moravians are “Easter people.” This year I have felt that in a way I have not felt for a long time. As I listened to the names read at the Easter dawn service that have entered the more immediate presence of our Lord and Savior I found it hitting me harder than it has at other times. I am aware of a lot of people around the district and province and beyond who were not expecting to have their loved ones’ name be read at this year’s Easter dawn service.

And yet, I am fully aware of the life cycle. My granddaughter recently celebrated her second birthday. It is a joy to see her developing her independent personality. It warms my heart when she wants to Facetime her Nana and grandpa. She is a joy to be around. So, as I was saddened by having to say good-bye to friends who have moved on to eternal life, I am just as joyful to see signs of new life.

Your 2020 Western District Synod planning committee has begun to meet as we plan the 2020 Western District Synod. You may want to put in your calendars the dates April 23-26. You will be hearing more about this in the future but I can tell you now that the 2020 Western District Synod will be held on April 23-26 at Mt. Morris. I would encourage your prayers for this committee as well as continued prayers for your Western District Executive Board.

I will be doing some visitations in the coming months both to pastors and joint boards. Be sure to come and introduce yourself to me if we have not yet met.

Serving Christ with you
Pastor Bruce J. Nelson