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I.P.O. Update

The 2018 Northern Provincial Synod called for further conversation about the Identity, Purpose, and Organization of our province, specifically through congregational and regional gatherings with local church leaders and members. Last fall, members of the Provincial Elders’ Conference and all three District Boards met to develop a process to fulfill synod’s directives. The team has developed a presentation and a survey to give every congregation as an opportunity to learn and provide feedback. The timeline of the synod resolution calls for “Congregational and regional conversations to obtain feedback during 2019, led by district representatives, to provide corresponding recommendations for consideration at the regularly scheduled 2020 District Synods.”

Your District Boards are now ready to schedule a meeting with your congregation (or in some cases, your region) to share the presentation and then leave a survey with you. The conversation should last about 90 minutes. A member of your District Board will be contacting you to schedule that meeting. Please do everything you can to promote that meeting and invite everyone in your congregation to that gathering. After the meeting your Joint or Unified Board will be asked to meet and generate one collective response to the Survey. Please note, each board will be able to submit only one response to the survey. Your feedback is critical to the next step in the process outlined by the synod legislation, which is to inform legislation to be considered at each District Synod.

I am grateful to the team who has generated this material and look forward to learning from all of you about how we can best equip people and congregations to be agents of God’s transforming love in the world.

With hope,
Elizabeth D. Miller, PEC President