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Bruce’s Babblings — September ’19

Greetings from California where I have taken part in a Joint Board check-in, preached at Sunday worship, and helped with an I.P.O. (Identity, Purpose, and Organization) meeting. During August I visited churches in 7 different states.

Your Western District Executive Board has been working very hard to do the I.P.O. presentations throughout the district. As of this writing we only have two more presentations to make. I am so thankful for Cindy Fahney, Nancy Chandler, and Megan Smock who led these presentations. They, especially Cindy, gave up several nights or Saturdays to make the presentations. The whole purpose of the I.P.O. presentations was to share some information with members of our congregations. But the more important purpose is to have “the people in the pews” give us feedback as to how you believe the Northern Province ought to be structured in terms of administration going forward. If we put in the time to go to the various congregations and we do not receive your comments, suggestions, and concerns it will be hard to justify the amount of time and energy that was put into preparing and delivering the presentations. Please do give us your feedback. If you need more information about this speak to me, your pastor, or one of your joint board members.

There are many exciting things coming up in the life of our district including the Women’s Retreat in September at Mt. Morris, the Justice Conference from October 25-27 in Annandale, Minnesota, and the Lay Ministry Conference at Mt. Morris from November 8-10 at Mt. Morris. I hope you are able to take advantage of one or all of these wonderful learning events.

Serving Christ with you, Pastor Bruce J. Nelson
President, Western District Executive Board, Moravian Church, Northern Province