Western District Synod

Special Provincial Synod-July 2021

The Provincial Elders’ Conference announces this Official Call to a Special Provincial Synod of the Moravian Church Northern Province to be held on July 10, 2021 to deliberate on one item of business that is time sensitive. The Book of Order gives the PEC the authority “to convene the Provincial Synod in an emergency; to provide for its temporary organization; and to perform the duties of a “Standing Committee on Credentials.” (Paragraph 105) This synod will be held completely online, using the Lumi and Zoom platforms.

The PEC is exercising its authority to place before the synod one question: “Shall the Provincial Synod of the Moravian Church Northern Province approve Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary combining with and entering into a relationship with Lancaster Theological Seminary in Lancaster, PA?

With this official call to synod, it will be necessary for each congregation to select its delegate(s) to attend this special synod online. One lay member will be named for every 250 confirmed communicant members (or fraction thereof) in a congregation. An alternate should also be elected for each delegate. A congregation’s membership as of December 31, 2019 as reported to the Province and reflected in the 2021 Directory & Statistics will be used as a base for determining the number of delegates.

The Provincial Elders’ Conference: David Bennett, Susan Dreydoppel, Elizabeth Miller, Bruce Nelson, Bruce Shoger, Valerie Wagner, Ralph Wanamaker, Greg Weir