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How Will We React?”

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Many of us, but not all of us have come through a very difficult 15 months as we have learned a new way of doing things. When I say not all of us, I am aware that some folks who were not expected to pass away have indeed passed away during this time of Covid 19 and quarantining and social distancing and masking and other things that I am probably forgetting.

We have made significant progress. Some churches that were not worshipping in person are now doing that. Some local governments have lifted mask orders. And yet we know that some people have not been vaccinated or have other health concerns that won’t allow them to be vaccinated.

In my travels around the District I have been impressed with our churches that have tried to minister to everyone:  those who are able to be unmasked and those who are not, those who have been fortunate in not having loved ones affected by the virus and those who have, those who have enjoyed some of the solitude during the pandemic and those who cannot possibly handle one more day of solitude or distancing.

My challenge to you is to be as gracious in the grocery store or the park or downtown or wherever you find yourself as our churches are trying to be. You see, as Christians we can witness to what it means to be gracious wherever we are. In fact, I would suggest that not only can we witness, but rather we are called to witness.

I am so happy to be traveling much more again. As I am traveling, I hope to be able to see you being a witness to God’s grace.

Serving Christ with you,

Rev. Bruce J. Nelson

Church Anniversaries

June 12 Shepherd of the Prairie 78 years
June 17 Ebenezer 168 years
June 21 Grace 62 years

Clergy & Spouse Birthdays

June 2 Mike Eder
June 3 Kim Knapp
June 4 Aaron Van Der Linden
June 6 Jenny Moran
June 7 Jonathan Lee
June 14 Dina Sobek
June 18 Jim Johnston
June 23 Beth Glasser

Ordination Anniversaries

June 2 Al Bergmann 53 years
June 3 Matt Knapp 37 years
June 5 Mary Bielke 21 years
June 6 Barb Berg 39 years
June 7 Reeder Herrick 18 years
June 9 Hermann Weinlick 58 years
June 10 Dave Sobek 31 years
June 12  Gary Straughan 55 years
June 15 Jason Andersen 18 years
June 16 James Heroux 3 years
June 18 Sam Propsom 26 years
June 21 John McCarthy 18 years
June 21 Eric Renner 12 years
June 22 Janice Coffing 8 years
June 24 Greg Behrend 4 years
June 25 Val Lehman 32 years
June 26 Barb Rich 27 years
June 28 Paul Graf 57 years
June 28 Kerry Krauss 23 years


2021 Summer Camps

A new Family Camp is being offered at Mt. Morris on June 4th-6th. This is an opportunity to experience Mt. Morris as a family! Prices are based per person. There is also a $50.00 voucher being offered per family unit.

  • Camp MINDYY is for campers who have completed 2nd grade – 5th grade.

June 27th – 30th

  • Chetek is for youth completing 9th grade – age 21.

July 18th – 24th

  • Winmor is for youth finishing 6th grade – 8th.

July 25th-31st

  • Junior Camp for campers completing 2nd grade – 5th.

August 1st-5th.

All registration information is on 

Big News from Mt. Morris Camp & Retreat Center

A generous group of supporters have promised to match the next $75,000 in donations to the New Arrowhead Expansion Fund until June 30. Please take advantage of this great matching gift opportunity with your donation today!

Your donations can be mailed into the camp directly, or made online. Thank you for considering a gift today!

Dan Scharnhorst
Executive Director
Mt. Morris Camp & Retreat Center

The Call Process

Please hold the West Salem Moravian and the Our Savior’s Moravian congregations in your prayers as they continue in the call process.

We also remember in prayer the Unionville Moravian congregation as they begin the call process.

Please remember in prayer Br. Charles McDonald and his wife, Rebecca as the Chaska Moravian congregation welcomes Charlie as their pastor.

We also offer our gratitude to Sr. Judy Ganz for her service as Chaska’s interim pastor.

The District Board continues to be grateful for the leadership of the Joint Board at Grace Moravian as they continue to lead their congregation.

Grant for Lay Ministry

The Western District has received a generous bequest from the family of Rt. Rev. Wil and Ruth Behrend. With some of this gift, your Western District Board has developed the Behrend Memorial Grant for Lay Ministry. We are encouraging churches to write requesting a grant for $1,000 per congregation for use with an ongoing or a new lay-led ministry.

This grant is open to any congregation or emerging ministry in the Western District and the grant money will be distributed after the local congregation or emerging ministry has filled out the grant application and any other requested materials. Grant application forms have been sent to all congregations and emerging ministries in the Western District. Completed application forms should be sent directly to District President Bruce Nelson either via email ([email protected]) or via snail mail at: Rev. Bruce J. Nelson, 221 East Mills Drive, Lake Mills WI, 53551.

BWM Grants

Soon after the onset of Covid-19 restrictions which caused congregations to shift worship services, Bible study, prayer groups, meetings, and fellowship opportunities to online versions, the BWM began offering $200 grants to assist in purchasing software and hardware to make this transition. Altogether, we provided the funding to 68 congregations and organizations totaling over $15,000. This year we are willing to again offer $200 grants to congregations up to a limit of 50 grants.

These will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply, please send an email to Chris Giesler ([email protected]) stating how much you are requesting (up to $200) and how you intend to use the funds. We are also asking that congregations report back to us at least one story about how these funds helped you in your ministry. A photograph along with the story would even be better. Grants requests need to be submitted by June 30, 2021. If you have any questions, please contact Chris by email or by phone at 484-221-5489.

The 26th Moravian Music Festival is now in two parts. We will be online this summer July 18-24 and then in-person in Bethlehem, PA in July of 2022.

If you register for part 1 (only $50), you will receive a code for $25 off registration for part 2! This year’s Festival will capitalize on technology to focus on education, with webinars, panels, and roundtables. There will be social time to connect with friends and colleagues and even some fun and games. See the calendar and daily schedule at

Registering soon allows you to join the virtual chorus and/or virtual band; you may record yourself singing/playing along with the foundation tracks and we will edit all the submissions together into one performance. Register Now! We need all submissions by the end of June!! The music we learn this year, we will present live next year. Free public concerts will be presented online each evening during Festival week.

The children’s program/youth program is built upon a youth musical theater production called ACTS. This year will be learning the words and music and sharing some fun activities online. Next year will be the full live production in Bethlehem! Children and youth are free; simply fill out the form at,

REGISTRATION IS OPEN!  – find the links at

Did you know…

…in 2021 we are celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the work of the Ahuas Clinic?   We would like to challenge you to donate $75.00….. 

…A one-time donation of $75.00 will pay for:

  • 10 X-rays or 5 Ultrasounds, or
  • 7-30 Labs, depending on the type of lab work performed, or
  • 5 Nurses Salaries for 1 day.

…A recurring donation of $75.00 per month will…

  • Purchase 2 months’ worth of medicine for the Clinic, or
  • Pay for 2 Nurses Salaries for 1 month, or
  • Feed 30 Children for 1 month or feed 2 children for a year or 6 children for 6 months.

… A one-time donation of $7,500.00 will…

  • Run the clinic for 1 week (Doctor and Nurses Salaries, Medicine, etc.), or
  • Pay for 2 Doctors and 5 Nurses Salaries for 1 month, PLUS feed 40 children for 1 month, or
  • Purchase 1 months’ worth of medicine and pay a doctor’s salary for 1 month.

Donations can be sent electronically to or by mail to Board of World Mission, 1021 Center Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018.