Canadian Moravian Foundation

The Canadian Moravian Foundation was established in 1978 as a registered charity to provide an easy way for members and friends to support the work of the Moravian Church in Canada.  The affairs of the Canadian Moravian Foundation are managed by a Board of Directors whose members are appointed by the Board of Elders Canadian District.

Over the years, the Foundation has received donations that are held in a permanent endowment.  The income generated is used to support our ministry and outreach in Canada.  In fact, the Canadian Moravian Foundation has distributed more than $125,000 in grants since 2000.

Please continue to give generously to help us spread the good news here at home, and around the world!

For Information or Donations Contact:
Canadian Moravian Foundation
600 Acadia Drive S.E.
Calgary, AB   T2J 0B8
(403) 271-2700
[email protected] or [email protected]