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Spiritual Places

As a Christian, when you think of spiritual practices you probably thing of things like attending church, prayer, reading the Bible, and communion. Those are all pretty common spiritual practices. They give you the opportunity to connect with God and feel his presence. That’s fantastic! I love being a part of all of these practices (and they are very important), but there are so many other amazing ways you can connect with God.

I live in a pretty rural area. I confess that one of the places I feel closest to God is in an old barn. You can see Him everywhere, and you can see far more of His work than just your lifetime. The patterns in the wood from trees grown 200 years ago. The ingenuity in the equipment sitting in the corner that hasn’t been used in 2 generations. The harness hanging on the wall from a horse that worked the ground long before even your parents were born. The memory of generations of people who have stood on the well-worn wood floors. The solid foundation that promises to hold up for generations to come, if only you care for it right. It is a simple reminder of the continuity of God’s presence and when I am there, so is He. For me, walking into an old barn is a spiritual experience.

Maybe for you the place you feel God is watching the faces on a crowded city street, taking in the unique diversity of plant life on a hike, or feeling the rush of water by your body as you swim laps in the pool. Whatever that place is, I hope that you find it and take time to enjoy it regularly.