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DelVal Region of the Eastern District

Since becoming a mom, there’s a lot I want to share with my daughter. I hope to pass on to her a strong desire to relationship with Christ and a rich history of Moravian tradition. I’m grateful that our now shared journey in faith starts right here in the Delaware Valley. From the city of Philadelphia, PA, to the farmland-turned-suburbs of New Jersey, to a New Jersey town nestled on the banks off of the Delaware River, to a neighborhood off the Jersey shoreline, there are four Moravian churches where we can worship and join in community.

As I think of these individual congregations and how they define the Delaware Valley region as a whole one word keeps coming to mind: sharing. In the very early days of their history, Palmya Moravian Church and the First Moravian Church of Riverside shared a minister, who traveled from Philadelphia up the Delaware River to serve both congregations. Palmyra shares its annual Peach Festival with the surrounding community, highlighting the homemade peach ice cream sourced from peaches from local farms. Riverside shares resources and time as members and volunteers visit local laundry mats, providing clean clothes to those in need with their Loads of Love ministry. Redeemer Moravian Church in Philadelphia shares a spacious, grassy, rare-to-find-in-the-city, yard with its neighbors during carnivals and flea markets. Redeemer shares its building with a daycare program in the community and during a Lovefeast, you can experience the beloved practice of sharing your Lovefeast bun with others. At Egg Harbor Moravian Church, they share a hot cup of coffee with you on Sunday and share opportunities to enjoy traditional and contemporary music. Egg Harbor shares in monthly birthday celebrations and when volunteers come to the area to provide mission relief from previous hurricane damage, they share their parsonage and offer their hospitality.

This only touches the surface of what each of these congregations has to share with the Delaware Valley and its visitors. There are so many other opportunities for fellowship and service. However, what I enjoy sharing with my daughter the most from this special and diverse region is the people who call these churches “home.” Members from each congregation have become family, supporting, caring, loving and sharing themselves with my growing family. How blessed I am to be able to share them with my daughter, and with all of you. 


~Lauren Grady