Larger Life Management

The Larger Life Foundation (LLF) is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of seven lay members of the Moravian Church, Northern Province. One is a member of the Provincial Elders’ Conference (PEC). Three are elected at Provincial Synod every four years to serve a maximum of three consecutive terms. Three are appointed by the elected Trustees and the PEC member every four years, in the middle of the intersynodal period, to serve a maximum of three consecutive terms. Current (2018) Trustees are:

  • Steve Pasquinelli, President, New Philadelphia OH, Schoenbrunn Community Moravian Church
  • Carolyn Clewell, Bethesda, MD, Central Moravian Church
  • Wendy Brockert, Lake Mills, WI, Lake Mills Moravian Church
  • James McMahan, Macungie, PA, Calvary Moravian Church
  • Jon Gehler, Watertown WI, Watertown Moravian Church
  • Leonie Burke, Valley Stream, NY, John Hus Moravian Church
  • Ralph Wanamaker Jr, Bethlehem, PA, West Side Moravian Church
  • Tammy Curcio, ex-officio, Assistant to the Controller of Northern Province and Treasurer, LLF


Trustees regularly meet in person at least once a year; in addition, numerous meetings are held by telephone conference and by electronic media. Trustees review LLF finances, determine the annual financial distribution percentage, approve applications for discretionary grants and loans, review reports produced by the beneficiary agencies and ministries, deal with Foundation issues, and plan for the future.

A copy of the Larger Life Foundation audit is available, upon request, from the Northern Province controller.

Tammy Curcio
1021 Center Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018