Provincial Information

2022 Unity Board Meeting in Liberec, Czech Republic

Meetings of the Unity Board were held last week in Liberec, Czech Republic. Those attending included Sister Betsy Miller, representing the Northern Province; Brother Keith Kapp, a member of the PEC representing the Southern Province; and Brother Justin Rabbach of the Board of World Mission, who provided English-Spanish translation for the meetings. 20+ Unity Provinces and Mission Provinces were represented at the meetings, with many delegates gathering in person and others joining virtually. Participants were blessed to hear reports from all regions of the Unity as well as news of God’s work among a growing number of people groups.

On May 13, the Unity Board traveled from Liberec to Herrnhut for the dedication of the new organ in the Herrnhut congregation. While there, the group visited the Provincial Offices, showing support of Ukraine with a Moravian Star in the colors of Ukraine, learned about the founding of Herrnhut 300 years ago, and toured God’s Acre to visit the grave of Christian David and look over the village.

We offer prayers of gratitude for our Czech brothers and sisters, who welcomed the delegates warmly and showed them excellent hospitality. Please continue to pray for the ongoing work of the Unity.