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Moravian Day of Giving

Update: On the 2024 Moravian Day of Giving, Moravians from all over the country came together to make unexpected gifts totaling more than $268,000 to our beloved Moravian churches, organizations, and ministries! These donations were above and beyond regular tithes or pledges and will significantly impact the Moravian community. Your efforts are a collective expression of gratitude and a commitment to positively impact our Moravian community, and they are truly inspiring.

The Moravian Ministries Foundation is facilitating the fourth annual Moravian Day of Giving on Tuesday, February 13th. This special day is not just about financial contributions; it’s about the collective strength of our Moravian community!

How to Participate:

  • Make a Donation: Visit the Moravian Giving Portal to contribute to your congregation, ministry, or organization on Tuesday, February 13th.
  • Support Field of Interest Funds: Contribute to our Field of Interest Funds, unlocking matching contributions of $2,500 for each of the 8 funds. In honor of MMFA’s 25th anniversary, we challenge everyone to donate at least $25 to one of our FOI funds so that we can reach the matching contribution for each fund!
  • Spread the Spirit on Social Media: Use #IGiveMoravian to share your reasons for giving and inspire others to join the day of generosity.

Ask yourself: Why do you give Moravian? Which organizations or ministries tug at your heartstrings? What service areas ignite your passion, where your contribution can truly make a difference?

Let’s come together on Tuesday, February 13th with open hearts and giving spirits!

To inspire heightened participation, MMFA will grant $2,500 to the 5 Moravian organizations (churches, agencies, camps, etc.) with the most unique individual donors. What could your ministry do with $2,500?

Go to to learn more and make your contribution on February 13th!