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Moravian University Symposium on Race, Slavery, and Land

On November 4th and 5th, Moravian University hosted a symposium discussing the legacies of racism, slavery, and land ownership in Moravian communities globally. Lecture halls (and Zoom meetings) were filled by students, church leaders, Moravian laypeople, and community members interested in learning from leading historians, anthropologists, and political scientists from South Africa, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, and the United States.

During this symposium, the Center for Moravian Studies awarded the David A. Schattschneider Award to Charlene Donchez Mowers and Jørgen Bøytler for their tireless efforts developing the UNESCO application for the first transnational World Heritage designation to include the historic Moravian settlements of Christiansfeld, Denmark; Herrnhut, Germany; Gracehill, Northern Ireland; and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Find out more about the symposium, including a full list of speakers and topics at Moravian.edu/History/Symposium. The speakers pictured at the top of this page are Dr. Natasha Lightfoot of Columbia University, who spoke on “Moravians and the Regulation of Families and Intimacies in Post-Emancipation Antigua,” and Dr. Jon Sensbach of the University of Florida, who offered a lecture entitled “Complacent Hostages? Colonial Legacies and the Paradox of Moravian History.”