Provincial Information Synod 2023

Northern Province Synod Elects the Rev. David E. Bennett as President of the Provincial Elders’ Conference

The 2023 Synod of the Northern Province of the Moravian Church in America elected the Rev. David E. Bennett to serve as president of the Provincial Elders’ Conference for the next intersynodal period (2023-2026) on Friday, June 23rd.

Brother Bennett has served the Moravian Church in many roles: as parish pastor at Millwoods Moravian Church (1988-1993), Rio Terrace Moravian Church (1993-1998), and Hope Moravian Church (1998-2002); as chaplain at Moravian University & Theological Seminary (2002-2008); and as president of the Eastern District Executive Board (2008-2021). He currently serves as chaplain of Morningstar Living in Nazareth, PA.

Brother Dave shared the following reflection on his personal faith journey in his biography: “I am eternally grateful for all those dear Moravians, lay and clergy alike, who have nurtured me in faith and pastoral ministry throughout my whole life. I heard Christ’s call for my life through the ministry of the Moravian Church in West Salem, Illinois. I was encouraged and formed by the many hands and hearts that continue to make Camp Tar Hollow a joy and blessing for young lives. I was transformed and mentored by the inspirational professors of Moravian Theological Seminary and I have been continually moved and nurtured by the many congregations with whom I have shared a partnership. In and through the fellowship and ministry of the Moravian Church, I have been fully blessed by Jesus Christ.”

We give thanks for Brother Dave’s many years of service and look forward to his continued ministry as the president of our Provincial Elders’ Conference. In Brother Dave’s words, “It is not difficult to see the hand of God in the movement of our Province, even in the struggles and also in the gifted provincial leadership we have been fortunate to have guide us through such an extraordinary time. Grace abounds.”

Elections for the remaining Provincial Elders’ Conference members will occur over the next several days.