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2023 David A. Schattschneider Award of Merit From the Center for Moravian Studies

At the 8th Annual Bethlehem Conference on Music and History, the Center for Moravian Studies presented the 2023 David A. Schattschneider Award of Excellence to David and Sally Ann Johnston and Peter and Jill Vogt. 

The Schattschneider Award is presented to individuals who exemplify the mission of the Center for Moravian Studies to “promote the study of the history, theology, and mission of the Moravian Church.” David and Sally Ann Johnston of Gracehill, Northern Ireland, have dedicated countless house of their time to preservation, restoration and interpretation of the Moravian settlement at Gracehill. Peter and Jill Vogt, co-pastors of the Moravian congregation in Herrnhut, Germany, have led the community-wide effort to include Herrnhut in the World Heritage Site. Gracehill and Herrnhut join Christiansfeld, Denmark and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania as part of the multinational UNESCO World Heritage Site effort.

The Center for Moravian Studies began presenting an award of merit named for the late David Schattschneider who founded the Center while he was Dean and Vice President of Moravian Theological Seminary. David joined the faculty of Moravian Theological Seminary in 1968 as an instructor in the areas of Historical Theology and World Christianity and for over three decades he was the leading consultant on Moravian history in the academic world.