Racial Justice and Healing

Black History Month Resources

The Racial Justice Team is pleased to present a new liturgy and other resources for congregations for MLK, Jr. Day and Black History Month. The Liturgy Honoring the Voice and Legacy of Rev. Dr. Charles Martin is in response to the 2023 Provincial Synod’s legislation regarding Rev. Dr. Charles Martin’s 1917 Eastern District Synod Resolution (click here for a copy of the 2023 Synod legislation).

To learn more about Rev. Dr. Charles Martin and The Silent Protest Parade, we have made recordings available from last year’s series from the Moravian Episcopal Coordinating Committee entitled “Past Reckoning: The Moravian-Episcopal Histories of Race” (click the blue button below). Rev. Dr. Frank Crouch’s presentation on The Silent Protest Parade is the second segment of the series. You will also find a study guide to be used in conjunction with the recordings. We have also made available Frank Crouch’s keynote presentation to the 2023 Northern Province Synod, which can be found here: https://www.moravian.org/northern/2024/01/03/american-moravian-church-responses-to-racism-slavery-and-their-aftermaths/.

Additional Resources:

Click the buttons below to access the Word documents. Only one of the liturgies specifically mentions Black History Month, so they can be used at any time; please adapt them to suit various needs.

Advent Series Recordings

In recent years, the Northern Province Racial Justice Team has offered Advent Series Toward Racial Justice and Healing. Though these webinars were offered as Advent celebrations, they may serve as a resource for February programming or education opportunities at any time.