Provincial Information

Provincial Information- Moravian Church Northern Province

Information on the Unitas Fratrum (Worldwide Moravian Church), 2014 Synod Elections and Resolutions and Resolutions on Social Issues and Life.  For use by Moravian Church Northern Province agencies, congregations and members.

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Church Order of the Unitas Fratrum (2016)

Resolutions from the 2014 Northern Province Synod

Resolutions from the 2018 Northern Province Synod

Northern Province Resolutions on Social Issues (2018 Update)


The Northern Province has developed a Healthy Congregations website to share resources about healthy congregational development. This online platform is a collection of useful resources and helpful information for pastors and leaders in congregations to pursue greater health in their church communities, including links to book, article, web and video resources. To visit the Northern Province Healthy Moravian Congregations site, click here.

For more information about the Moravian Church in North America, click here.