June 16, 2019: Three Lenses

windmill with blue skies

Trinity Sunday

“I still have many things to say to you,” Jesus says to his closest friends, knowing that soon he will not be able to speak in the traditional way. After his “last supper,” in an intimate upper room, Jesus, perhaps full of anxiety and dread, and certainly love, tells his disciples that he still has much to say, but that their future work will be guided by the Spirit of Truth. Today, on Trinity Sunday, we celebrate that Spirit of Truth as God present with us, who communicates with us as Creator, Reconciler, and Sanctifier.

My grade seven English teacher, Mrs. Daniels, taught me that an essay begins with a good first sentence that makes three points, to be described in three sections, followed by a conclusion. She taught me that a good essay describes something using three lenses.

We know of three lenses through which we can view the one divine spirit, the one Spirit of Truth. God is creating, God is reconciling (or healing), God is blessing. This is the first essential of our shared Moravian faith.

People I meet who want to develop a relationship with God often have a fixation on what God has done at a certain point in history, rather than a relationship with the living God. The challenge in moving from a religion of history to a relationship with Christ is noticing what God is doing now. The three lenses where I always see God are in God’s creativity, where something better or more beautiful than we can imagine comes together through our collaboration; God’s reconciliation, where healing can lead to new life; and God’s blessing, where we are endowed with gifts to do ministry in churches, neighborhoods, workplaces, and homes.

As you go about your week, notice where the Triune God is at work—in creativity, reconciliation, and blessing. There, you will find relationship with the Spirit of Truth.

James Lavoy, pastor, Rio Terrace Moravian Church
Edmonton, Alberta The Moravian Church