July 7, 2019: We Have Been Called

wheat field

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

As Christ sent his seventy into the towns ahead of him, God continues to call each of us to go out into our little worlds, to carry there the message of love, peace, and forgiveness we have been graced to find. That is our call.

Each of us owns a unique story reflecting a special journey of faith to share with others who are ready to see the beautiful way God lives through us. As John Hus started a whole movement of change by following his simple, faith-based desire to share the gospel with others and to learn from his fellows, we each have drives within us that can bring change to individuals or groups around us. Or within ourselves.

Christ calls us to put God first and step out each day, connect through the ever-present Spirit, and give back the gift of love we have been given. Our walk will be individual, our audience varied. We each will learn where we need to speak and where we need to pray silently and walk away. Ours is not to choose the ones who will be open to hear, who will be ready—for it is God’s grace that readies the heart. It is the gentleness of the words of Jesus and the readiness for harvest within us that reap the blessings that discipleship brings to us each day.

Above all, it is the peace, love, and healing of Christ that we bring. Through our prayers, our open hearts, our listening ears, our sharing of stories, our promise of forgiveness, and the witness of relationship with God, we continue to prepare the way for God to enter the hearts of those we meet.

Janice Sbrocchi Coffing, retired, Moravian pastor and board-certified chaplain
member of Schoeneck Moravian Church, Nazareth, Pennsylvania