Obituary: The Rev. Abzal Sahadath

Brother Abzal K. Sahadath died November 25, 2019 at Staten Island, New York, at age 81.

Born March 4, 1938, in Trinidad, he was the son of Soobratti and Isha (Mahabir) Sahadath. Brother Sahadath graduated from Caribbean Wesleyan in 1962 with a Diploma in Theology and Advanced Teacher’s Certificate. He received a Master of Divinity from New York Theological Seminary in 1988.

He was united in marriage to Junie Sealey December 23, 1980, in Barbados.

Br. Sahadath was ordained into the Wesleyan Church in 1975 and served as pastor in that tradition prior to his being received into the Moravian Church in 1996. He served Grace Moravian Church in Queens, New York, before being placed on long term disability. He retired from the ministry September 1, 2004.

Brother Sahadath is survived by his wife, Junie; sons, Dave and Joel; and one grandchild.

A memorial service was held at John Hus Moravian Church, Brooklyn, New York, on December 1, 2019, with the Rev. Dr. Michael Johnson officiating.