November 29, 2020: Fig Lessons

cross on wall

First Sunday of Advent

From the fig tree learn its lesson:

as soon as its branch becomes tender

and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near.

Mark 13:28 

We watch the spindly new branches

the ones that came out in Spring

from the bush we thought would not make it;

our realism knew that Winter

would claim it.

Now there are leaves, and buds, and promise.


The Summer will be hot,

humid and deadly for some.

Storms that maraud like Romans breaking the Temple,

clouds with great power come upon us.

Now, though, we listen to branches whisper in wind:

“Wait,” they say, “Soon,” and “Be ready!”


The gray-brown tendril that could be dead

in this very moment

sprouts buds to be born,

like a maiden in an ancient village with visions of angels

like all kinds of life growing from parts of us

we knew were dead.


The fig tells its quiet greening story, a lesson:

God’s good season is always almost here,

and worth the wait.

Andy Meckstroth, Moravian pastor serving Ziegels Lutheran Church

 Breinigsville, Pennsylvania