July 25, 2021: Twelve Baskets Remain

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Twelve Baskets Remain

It’s been tough. His job is gone. His wallet is empty. He wasn’t there when Jesus fed the multitude. He’ll go to bed hungry.

Sickness came along. It drained all her money in a day. Every penny of savings is now spent. She also missed the miracle of the multiplication. She’ll go to bed hungry this evening, as well.

He works hard. The pay’s just not enough. The food disappears too quickly with three growing children. He didn’t get there either, when Jesus fed the thousands. Likewise, he’ll go to bed hungry tonight.

Thirty-five million of us in the United States didn’t make it to the mountainside, when Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish. The good news, however, is that twelve baskets are left over. One of these baskets is distributed through our food pantries. For those of us in the United States, the other eleven sit in our nation’s Capitol. Their distribution will be decided by the public servants we’ve elected.

Bread for the World, endorsed by our Northern Province 1982 Synod and our Southern Province 1983 Synod, is a nonpartisan, collective Christian voice urging members of Congress to address root causes of hunger at home and abroad. For forty years, Moravians have answered Bread for the World’s appeal to send letters and other forms of hunger advocacy to elected officials.  Each year, Bread coordinates an Offering of Letters urging passage of a specific piece of hunger legislation. Bread also sponsors an annual Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill providing an opportunity to sit down with legislators and staff. Additionally, Bread offers an abundance of printed and online resources regarding hunger and advocacy. Discover more about Bread for the World at www.bread.org.

Moravians outside the United States are invited to explore how their governments are responding to hunger nearby and faraway.

Some of us will go to bed hungry tonight, as twelve baskets remain. Blessed are those who hunger for what is right.

John D. Rights, pastor, Konnoak Hills Moravian Church
Winston-Salem, North Carolina