February 27, 2022: God’s Glory

image of dove stained glass

Last Sunday after the Epiphany
Transfiguration of Our Lord

God’s Glory

Have you ever seen God’s glory? Have you ever wondered how the disciples got to see God’s glory? Have we fallen asleep all this while, that we’ve missed seeing God’s glory?

A few years ago, I put a large mirror at the entrance of our worship space on Transfiguration Sunday. Most folks were very confused when they walked into the space. I can relate to the idea of being asleep, like the disciples. At times, coming to church is just that. We come asleep, and then suddenly we are awakened with songs, Scripture, and a message. And that is where we experience God’s glory.

I explained that the mirror was there to help us experience a form of transfiguration. When we come into the sanctuary and look at ourselves in the mirror, we see ourselves one way; but as we leave and look again in the mirror, we should see the difference. We should experience some form of change, a transfiguration. That is seeing God’s glory.

Consider the three questions above. We did see God’s glory as we experienced God’s presence in worship. The disciples are not the only ones privileged to see God’s glory; we too can experience it. If we have been sleepwalking through life, we may be suddenly awakened and experience a transfiguration and see the glory of God in a different way.

My hope is that as we experience God’s glory in our own transfigured life, we will dedicate our heart, our soul, and our minds as a form of shelter or tabernacle for the Most High—and not keep this a secret, but share it with everyone who will listen. Tell them of our own transfiguration moment and of this Jesus, whom God called his Son, whom we listen to and follow.

Tracy Robinson, co-pastor, Esperanza for Bethlehem,
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania