November 26, 2023: The Presence of God

park bench in black and white

Reign of Christ Sunday

The Presence of God

On more than one occasion, I have sat and watched as our preschool son individually picks pieces of our puppy’s food from her dish, carrying them into the room where she lies, and proceeds to set them on her tongue piece by piece. Maya’s tail wags with thanksgiving, and Jordan’s joy and laughter fill the room as he runs back and forth, until her dish is empty.

In those moments I feel as if I am experiencing the Almighty in all divine glory. It’s a perfect picture of what serving others looks like. I have no idea what is actually going on inside his amazing little head, but he seemingly knows her needs and freely gives his time and energy to care for her. To me God is ever so present in those moments, and there is this great hope that builds within me as I think of the good our son might have to offer this world.

“The Son of Man will come in all his glory” (Matthew 25:31). Be it today, tomorrow, ten years ago, the Lord’s second coming, I believe, should be invited. We should celebrate that moment or moments in our lives when the Lord enters or reenters our hearts and souls in such a profound and powerful way it completely changes who we are and what we live for.

In his hymn “How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds,” John Newton wrote, “And when I see thee as thou art, I’ll praise thee as I ought.” In our surrender and discipleship we are offered numerous opportunities to see our God in simplest form, and that is a God of love, who wants nothing but joy and peace in our hearts and this world. The Lord affords us that divine love, and we are called to share it.

Timothy Naisby, chaplain, Moravian Manor
Lititz, Pennsylvania