Widows Society

The Moravian Widows Society of Winston-Salem was incorporated under a charter from the State of North Carolina on September 27, 1919. It was patterned after a similar Society in  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, which has been in successful operation since 1771.

The purpose of the Society, as its name implies, is to provide aid for the widows on a membership basis of a single payment of $250 up to age 50 and $5 additional for each year through age 60.

Any man under the age of 61, in good health, who is a member in good standing of a Moravian Church or whose wife is a member in good standing of a Moravian Church is eligible for membership in the society.

The member himself never receives benefit from his membership either directly or indirectly and all payments for membership form a perpetual capital or investment fund, the interest from which is divided between the widows of the members on a share and share alike basis. The dividends, which are paid semi-annually in March and September of each year, have always been liberal in proportion to the nominal cost of membership. This is a small investment that will assure your widow a lifetime benefit.

Widow’s Society Application (PDF format)