Shift 2.0: Helping Congregations Back into the Game of Effective Ministry

Shift 2.0: Helping Congregations Back into the Game of Effective Ministry by Dr. Phil Maynard is the focus of this year’s Intersynodal Conference. For more information about the conference, check out this page.

“Based around five shifts that every church needs to make, Shift 2.0 brings you the best practices for designing healthy, effective church systems. The shifts include:

From Fellowship to Hospitality

From Worship as an Event to Worship as a Lifestyle

From Membership to Discipleship

From ‘Serve Us’ to Service

From ‘Survival Mentality’ to Generosity.

In this second edition of my most popular resource (expanded and updated), Shift 2.0, leaders are provided a wide variety of examples and tools for making these shifts. Imagine the impact your churches could make if they could make these Shifts. Start a conversation with your churches. Make Disciples. Transform Communities.” (Book description)

Resources will be provided for use through the CCD. There will also be opportunities to connect across the province for conversations about the book leading up to the conference for those who are interested.  

We have chosen a cohort model to prepare for the conference because we believe that it will offer each congregation resources and accompaniment, while also building up connections within your congregations. As participants in a learning cohort, a group process for sharing resources and enhancing knowledge through collaboration, you will benefit from: 

  • Deepening relationships with one another 
  • Developing skills for ministry and leadership 
  • Improving long term impact in your ministry within a local context 

More resources for your congregation about Shift 2.0 can be found here (on the CCD Google Classroom).

Dr. Phil Maynard serves as Director, Excellence in Ministry Coaching (www.emc3coaching.com) and Director, Coach Training for Leaders (www.empowercoaches.com). Before taking an early retirement to enter a full-time ministry of coaching, consulting, and training, Phil served as Director of Congregational Excellence for the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. Phil is a Certified (ICF) and Endorsed (UMEA) Coach. He is the author of eight books and a wide variety of training guides. Phil is a nationally recognized coach/consultant who has worked in 40+ Annual Conferences in several Denominations. (from emc3coaching.com)