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The March On Washington

Brenda Peoples and Barbara Morris, members of St. Philips Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, N.C., share remembrances of the 1963 March on Washington.


Questions for March on Washington Video

1. Listening to Barbara Morris and Brenda Peoples reflecting on their journey to the March on Washington, what is the overall theme(s) you notice? How does this compare to the Pilgrimage video?

2. How do they describe the make-up of the crowd they saw that day?

3. We often hear protests for Civil Rights being framed as riots or violent mobs. How did the experience of these two compare to the outward experience we have had who learned about it on the news or in history books?

4. What was your experience with the Civil Rights Movement? Did you learn about it in history books, did you march in solidarity, or did you feel far removed from what was going on?

5. What important role did the church play in the Civil Rights Movement? What other religious groups took part in the protest?

6. What songs were being sung and what scripture was used? How familiar are you with any of them