Updates on Hurricane Ian from Florida

Greetings to All:

As you are aware, Hurricane Ian has impacted the Florida Georgia District over the past few days.

Here is a brief report of the situation:

1.      The South Florida Pastorate (Dion and Eulencine Christopher & Bro. Envoy Hodgson) was inundated with rain but doing well.

2.      Tampa (Bro. Fedreico Velasquez) Tampa suffered the major impact with Hurricane strength winds and major flooding. The pastor and his family are doing well. They are without power but surviving.

3.      Orlando (Rev. Evette Campbell) Heavy rains over the last 24 hours They have no power at this time but they are doing well.

4.      Bishop Thomas Shelton has also been under the threat of Hurricane. He is also fine and doing well

Overall there has been very little property damage that we know of at this time and we thank God for his physical protection.

We thank you for your prayers and concerns.