Crossroads: Traveling the Journey of Faith

Yogi Berra once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Sometimes the guidance we receive about our own life’s discernments seems just as helpful. We’ve all known seasons when we have pondered life’s questions. Where is God? What is my purpose? Why am I here? What should I do?

Moravian summer church camps at Mt. Morris provide a safe and affirming environment and a loving and encouraging atmosphere to consider these questions of discernment. In Scripture and in experience, we each can think of places that provide transcendent and imminent experiences of God. These places are often referred to as liminal spaces – “thin spaces” where the divine and the earthly come close together (think of mountain tops, scenic views, beautiful sunsets or sunrises, waterfronts.) Mt. Morris Camp and Conference Center is one such liminal space where God can be encountered and where the next steps in your journey of faith can be taken.

For the second straight year, all of the camps in the western region of the Western District—both those held at Mt. Morris as well as Camp MINDYY in Minnesota—will be working with the same program theme, selected by the Regional Youth Council and the Camping Ministry Committee. This year’s theme is “Crossroads: Traveling the Journey of Faith.” Through scripture and song, worship and play, art and craft, time spent in nature and around the dinner table, we will consider how God is moving in us, through us, and among us, guiding us forward to take the next steps of faith.

We would love to see YOU at one of our summer church camps, either as a camper or as a staff volunteer! Come join us as together we meet at the Crossroads — and Travel the Journey of Faith!

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The Rev. Jason Andersen is pastor of Christian Faith Moravian Church in DeForest, Wis.

For 1st – 2nd graders • 4M Camp
Mt. Morris, Wis. • Aug. 13–15
Directors: Stacy Wickert and Staci Mareese-Wheeler

For 2nd – 5th graders • Camp MINDYY
Alexandria, Minn. • Aug. 12–15
Director: Tiffani Glime

For 3rd – 5th graders • Junior Camp
Mt. Morris, Wis. • July 30–Aug. 3
Directors: Katie and Aaron Van Der Linden

For 6th – 8th graders • Winmor
Mt. Morris, Wis. • July 22–28
Director: Dason Kurkiewicz

For 9th grade – age 21 • Chetek
Mt. Morris, Wis. • July 15–21
Directors: Jason and Amy Andersen