Writing a Proposal or Memoranda to the 2022 Synod

Proposals to 2022 Synod

All actions or decisions proposed to Synod, whether by individuals, boards, or agencies will be called a ‘Proposal to Synod.” If or when the Synod approves a Proposal, it will then become a “Resolution of Synod.”

Who May Write a Proposal?

Proposals to synod may be submitted by individual members of the Southern Province, or by a provincial or interprovincial board or agency, or by a church board.

The PEC Office will accept Proposals to be distributed before synod until March 31, 2022. The Steering Committee will make sure each Proposal is in the proper format and assign Proposals to the appropriate Synod Committee(s).  These pre-Synod Proposals will be delivered to Synod delegates approximately 30 days before synod convenes.

Any proposal must be accompanied by the name, contact information and congregation or agency of the person submitting the proposal.  This is needed so that the Steering Committee can work with individuals to make sure the format of a proposal is in order.  A proposal that does not have this information will not be processed by the Steering Committee or considered at synod.

Important Note:  After March 31 Proposals will not be accepted in the PEC Office and must be brought to synod and presented at a business session by an elected Delegate.

Submit Proposals to the Provincial Elders’ Conference via e-mail to [email protected].

For detailed information on preparing and submitting proposals and memoranda to Synod, download the Proposals to Synod file (MS-Word).