Laurel Ridge camps demonstrate “the substance is Christ”

mascot and youth at camp

Laurel Ridge Camp Conference, and Retreat Center is excited about the 2019 camps and retreats!

The overall camp theme verse for 2019 is Colossians 2:16-17: “So don’t put up with anyone pressuring you in details of diet, worship services or holy days. All those things are mere shadows cast before what was to come; the substance is Christ.”

Weekend camps for those who have completed first or second grade include Pre Junior 1, June 14-16, with deans Margaret Norris (DCE at Home Moravian) and Jami Vandock (DCE at Raleigh Moravian). The theme for this camp is “The Good Shepherd.” Pre Junior 2, July 26-28, with deans the Rev Chris Thore (pastor at Clemmons Moravian) Gail Theard (Grace Moravian), features the theme “Peace Labs.”

Junior camps are for those who have completed third, fourth or fifth grade. Junior 1 is June 23-29, with deans the Rev John D Rights (pastor at Konnoak Hills Moravian) and Mary Rights. The theme is “Planting Seeds, Taking Root.” Junior 2 is August 4-10, with deans Heidi Everhart (director of Children’s ministry at Friedberg Moravian) and Daniel Everhart. The theme is “Back to the Future.”

Creative Arts Camp is housed in Higgins Lodge June 30-July 6, with deans Joyce Vance (DCE Peace Moravian) and Bishop Carol Foltz (pastor of Moravia Moravian). This Camp includes everything Moravian, with visual arts, star making, hand building pottery, handbells, Putz building and bible study.

Middle High camp is for those who have completed sixth, seventh or eighth grade. Middle High camp is July 28-August 3, with deans the Rev. Jeff Jones (pastor at Bethabara Moravian) and Cat Long (Bethabara Moravian), with the theme “You Are Now,” taking a look at teens in the Bible.

Senior High Camp is for those who have completed grades 9 through 12. Senior High Camp is July 7-13 with deans the Rev. Zach Dease (pastor at Macedonia Moravian) and Rev. Victoria Lasley (pastor at Fairview Moravian). The theme is “How do we wear it? Faith, Hope and Love in the 21st Century.” This camp includes a dance with the theme of “Memes/vines”; dress up like your favorite one!

Another opportunity for Middle and Senior High campers is Nature Camp, June 23-29, with deans the Rev. Lisa Mullen (serving Sunny Seeds Garden Estamos Unidos) and Greg Keener (Come and Worship). This camp, housed at Higgins Lodge, explores the great outdoors in hopes that the campers will fall in love with nature. It will include hikes, a campout at the New River, bird tagging and bible study.

Mission Camp at Laurel Ridge is for Middle High and Senior High youth groups, with four opportunities to participate: MC 1, June 16-22,with dean Bishop Chris Geisler (BWM); MC2, June 23-29, with dean Sacha Lambert (BWM); MC 3, July 14-20, with dean Zach Routh(Raleigh Moravian) and MC 4, July 21-27, with dean Bishop Sam Gray (BWM). Along with going into the community to do work and help others, the bible study theme is “Living Water He’ll Supply.”

Outside the scope of our summer camp season, we have plenty of opportunities for camps and retreats. We currently have two opportunities for families to come to family camp. Spring Family camp is May 3-5 and Fall Family camp is September 20-22. These camps are designed to give the whole family and children of all ages a taste of what summer camps are like. They include program with worship time, lakefront, archery, nature hike, low ropes and, of course, campfires.

Another opportunity for Middle and Senior high age campers is Youth Eco Mission Weekend May 10-12. This is a weekend that is designed for youth groups to help with and learn about environmental stewardship of the mountain.

After summer camp is over, Middle High and Senior Highs that long to be back at camp can come to our Winter camp happening December 26-30. This camp is housed in Higgins Lodge with plenty of program and worship, community building and a trip to Hawks Nest to go Ziplining.

Weekend camps are $250 and weeklong camps are $475 per camper. Most Moravian churches pay some of the camp fee. Check with your church for the code to take advantage of that discount. Another way to save is if your camper attends more than one camp they can receive a $50 discount on any camp except Mission Camp, although it counts as the second camp.

There is also a camp scholarship available in addition to church sponsorships and discounts; a form in the registration process is available to apply for those scholarships. Contact Scarlett Dowdy the program manager at [email protected], to receive a double camp discount or to ask questions about camp scholarships.

Hope to see YOU on the mountain soon!

Scarlett Dowdy is program manager at Laurel Ridge. Photos courtesy of Laurel Ridge.