Moravian Day of Service Ideas for Your Congregation in 2023

On this Moravian Day of Service, the Board of World Mission invites your congregation to be part of our new Blessings Flow project, which provides clean water for families in La Mosquitia, Honduras, through the distribution of water filtration systems. Before the filters can be distributed in Honduras, they are purchased in the United States and assembled. This is where your congregation comes in! Filter assembly is a simple process and a meaningful project for Moravians of all ages. Your members will know that they have made a tangible difference in decreasing the prevalence of waterborne illness and that each filter they assemble will reach a family in need. Please contact Chris Giesler at [email protected] by September 5 to express interest and coordinate the shipping of filters to your congregation. We have sufficient supplies to do this with at least ten congregations.

We ask that your congregation help cover some of the cost of getting these filters where they need to be with a $500 donation to the Board of World Mission. Any contributions above and beyond $500 are greatly appreciated and will directly support the distribution of water filters in our partner areas, with every $50 providing clean water for one household for 10 or more years.

Other Service Day Ideas: Planning anything during this pandemic is a challenging thing to do, so keeping things simple might be the best approach.  We would encourage you to consider having individuals or family units do things at home or in the community that would help others.  These might include:

  • Collect food for your local food bank. They all need help and contributions as many federally funded programs from the Covid relief efforts are now being cut.
  • Host a Blood Drive. According to the American Red Cross,  there is always an urgent need for blood. Contact your local blood collection agency to see about setting up a blood drive in your congregation on a Sunday morning.
  • Check on seniors, the disabled, or other at-risk neighbors in your area. These past few years have been very difficult on the older population, particularly those who live alone.  Call ahead and set up a brief visit and prayer time.
  • If you are in a walkable neighborhood, take a group of your members of your on the sidewalks surrounding your location.  Pick up trash, say hello to neighbors, and share love to all that you meet.
  • Check in on anyone you know who might have depression or anxiety, both of which can be exacerbated during times like this.
  • Have children draw pictures and write letters to local seniors in nursing homes who don’t have a family to visit them.
  • Shop or do errands for folks who do not have easy access to transportation.
  • Send thank-you notes and cards of appreciation to front-line workers at hospitals, public safety workers (police, fire-fighters, rescue squad workers), those working in the service industries (grocery store workers, restaurant staff, etc.). Simply be kind to them when they are assisting/serving you!

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