Ponderings: Coffee with a mission…

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Coffee with a mission…

Coffee is kind of a big deal for us Moravians. It’s a staple of many Lovefeasts; features prominently at most fellowship hours; and helps fuel board meetings, committee gatherings and even synods.

For me, coffee rituals are deeply ingrained in my every day. My first job each daybreak (after I check my morning Daily Texts e-mail, of course), is to make my way downstairs to the kitchen to fetch cups of freshly-brewed Ethopian Yirgacheffe or hazelnut or Nantucket Blend for my wife and me. I’m constantly on the lookout for new coffees for my morning routine.

So when Board of World Mission Executive Director Justin Rabbach proposed a partnership between the BWM and the Interprovincial Board of Communication to sell coffee as a fundraising opportunity for mission work around the world, I jumped at the chance.

Under a pilot program with Farmer’s Market Brands (part of Corus International, which includes Lutheran World Relief), BWM and IBOC are offering a custom blend of coffee under the “Moravian Mission Coffee” name. The initial style is a medium roast, Mt. Elgon, Uganda community blend, available in whole bean and ground.

Each bag purchased will help the Board of World Mission contribute to specific needs and ministries through Mission Grants. The coffee also supports the local farmers in the Mt. Elgon region: our partners at Lutheran World Relief are committed to paying their farmers a living wage to help lift their families out of poverty.

While this effort is a small step, I think this is an ideal partnership. The BWM promotes the responsibly-sourced coffee and shares how the funds raised help with ministries around the world; the IBOC assists by featuring the coffee on its online store, handling order fulfillment and distribution, and offering opportunities to pair the coffee with Moravian-themed mugs.

I’m excited when opportunities like this come along; partnering with other Moravian agencies to enhance their work is an important part of the IBOC’s role. The chance to offer something so central to our lives as coffee—while helping our mission work around the world—feels right. Plus, there’s the added benefit of the wonderful smell of freshly roasted beans that fills the shipping room when a shipment of coffee arrives!

Moravian Mission Coffee is available through the IBOC’s online store, (store.moravian.org), and more information about this effort can be found at www.moravianmissioncoffee.org.

Now my morning cup of joe can benefit Moravian missions around the world!